About Whitehorse School of Physical Culture

At Whitehorse School of Physical Culture (Whitehorse Physie for short), we proudly teach the BJP Physical Culture curriculum. BJP Physie is the oldest running and most prestigious Physical Culture establishment in Australia. For 130 years, BJP has provided a national platform for Physie clubs to come together to engage in competitions and camaraderie.


Empowering Girls for Life

Whitehorse Physie focuses on developing the self­-esteem of its students and is passionate about nurturing students’ total wellbeing, in both mind and body. By teaching our students to have a positive relationship with their bodies, we help students blossom with confidence and self­-assurance.

Physie is an accepting and encouraging team sport, where every member is supported and motivated to be the best they can be. Taught to stand tall, with strength and pride, Physie girls are team players committed to achieving their goals. They are instilled with the skills, confidence and empowerment they need for life, and supported by caring teachers and a loving community. 

Read about more about our teaching team below. 

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“Physie is an elegant way of developing not only fitness but also grace, strength and focus in our girls and women. At BJP, what we are most proud of is how Physie weaves its way throughout the lives of Australian families. Generations of women have discovered lifelong friendships, a true sense of community and a sport for life in Physie.” – Jackie Rawlings, BJP Physical Culture


Meet the Teachers at Whitehorse PHYSIE!


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Lana has been a part of Physie for over 30 years, and an associate of the club for the past 19 years. Lana has recently taken on the role of Victorian BJP Associate Teacher,  sharing her passion and love for the sport with the wider Victorian teaching team.

Lana has had many personal and professional achievements through Physie, including being involved in 3 national winning teams, and qualifying for Senior Champion Girl at the Opera House. However, her biggest accomplishments have come through teaching – Under her coaching Lana has had 4 National Champion winners, 3 Grand Champion competitors, 1 National Champion Challenger and 4 cup winning teams!

Outside of Physie, Lana is a mum to Thomas, sister and wife. She was involved in a performing arts school for 4 years, and also began a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts, majoring in Dance for 2 years before finding her passion at David Jones, where she has been working for the past 17 years in Senior Management. Lana teaches the 13 years -Seniors and prides herself on having fun and not taking life too seriously. Her genuine passion and enthusiasm are what she is best known for, and is why the girls love coming back. She loves seeing the girls grow and form lifelong friendships which is what Physie is all about!

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Jenelle is a long time BJP Physie girl, having been a part of the Physie world for as long as she can remember. Jenelle has taught our Preschoolers and Juniors for over 20 years and has watched many of her students grow up to continue their passion for Physie –  including some of the current teachers! 

Jenelle is a qualified pre-school teacher and is First Aid trained. This makes her the perfect person to teach our ever-growing 5-8 year olds. She has great experience with young children and their development needs and brings a lot of fun to each class.


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Martina has been a Physie girl for over 20 years, and keeps coming back for the fun, fitness, and the Whitehorse community. Now as a teacher, she strives to create the same welcoming environment for her 9-12 students and the wider club. 

Some of Martina’s favourite Physie achievements include National Champion and placegetter, being in four National Cup winning teams, and the ultimate honour of being selected to perform on the BJP Syllabus DVD for girls and ladies nation-wide.

As a consistent National Top 15 performer, Martina aims to pass on her knowledge and experiences to the younger Whitehorse students. Martina is always energetic and smiling, and is known throughout the club for her supportive and caring nature. She believes that Physie isn’t just about dancing or competitions but is about getting fit and healthy and having a place where you feel encouraged, supported and valued.

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Kay Lin

Kay Lin has been doing Physie since she was 6 and will keep going forever. She is dedicated to achieving her best physie and it shows in her successes. She has competed in ‘Grand Champion Girl’ at Sydney Opera House twice, has won the 1st year, 2nd year and 25-27 year Champion Girl competitions and has been part of 3 cup winning teams. In 2023, Kay Lin competed as the National Champion Challenger – the first from Victoria to ever do so! 

Kay Lin works as a nurse and midwife, and holds a Certificate IV in Personal Training. 

Kay Lin loves Physie because of the life-long friendships she has formed from competing with her friends. Physie has taught Kay Lin so much about strength and self-confidence and her passion for Physie is infectious. 


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Natasha has been part of Physie from a young age. She has had great team and individual successes, consistently reaching Junior & Senior National levels. Her highlights include being in 3 National winning teams and achieving 2nd for 2nd year competition at the Sydney Opera House. Natasha shows hard work & dedication are rewarding and wants students to strive to achieve their goals. 

Outside of Physie, Natasha is a physiotherapist working with a variety of clients in the past including Hawthorn Football Club, and in private practice with children following sports injuries. This understanding of body mechanics drives how Natasha teaches Physie. She has a passion for teaching students about the safe ways to move their bodies, explaining how to engage their muscles, and foster an important understanding of injury prevention & safe recovery. 

Natasha has worked with all ages, and is currently teaching our growing 13-16 year old class. She creates a vibrant, supportive environment for the girls and strives to foster social connection between her students. She also aims to build self confidence and positive body image in her students, whilst having plenty of fun along the way!

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Merilyn has had Physie in her life since she was young. Originally from Sydney, Merilyn moved to Melbourne with family and after settling in to Whitehorse started our Ladies class.

She has taught many Ladies ranging from no dance experience to lifetime Physie competitors. Merilyn helps each member to get the best out of themselves whether it’s being competitive or improving their fitness.

Merilyn’s classes are fun and engaging, and she organises many social events to catch up outside of class, champagne included!



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Jarrah started Physie when she was 4 years old and it has been a fundamental part of her life ever since.

Jarrah has been a part of 2 national winning teams, and has achieved state champion twice for her age group. Now partaking in the seniors class, Jarrah loves that Physie helps her stay fit and active and that she gets to be part of a community full of strong, independent women and girls! 

Over the past 6 years, Jarrah has developed a passion for teaching the 3-8 year olds, and aims to make their classes upbeat and enjoyable each and every week, with a focus on developing their confidence inside and outside of the Physie classroom!

Outside of Physie, Jarrah is completing a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and Salon Management and hopes to have her own beauty salon one day! In her free time, Jarrah enjoys going to the gym and spending time with her friends and family.

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Gen started Physie when she was 5 years old and has enjoyed many successes in national teams and champion girl/lady competitions. But her favourite part of Physie is the life-long friendships she has made along the way and enjoying the sport with her sister Merran since they were little.

Gen teaches the ladies class and loves helping beginners and novice ladies navigate their way through a Physie class and do things they never thought possible. 

Gen is a patient and encouraging teacher and loves giving ladies the confidence to shine and love their Physie.

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Merran doesn’t know life without Physie, starting when she was 5 years old. Merran has loved and had great success in national team competitions as a junior, senior and lady, also qualifying and reaching nationals level for individual champion girl as a junior and lady.

Merran cherishes the life long friendships she has made over the many years and experiencing it all with her big sister, Gen. 

Outside of Physie, Merran enjoys spending time with her family and two young boys. Used to working, guiding and supporting a team professionally, she enjoys helping teach the ladies class and seeing such amazing improvement with novice and beginner ladies throughout the year.


Testimonials from Students and Families at Whitehorse physie

Physie is such an amazing and unique sport that absolutely anyone can do! I love it because it allows me to keep fit, have fun, be in a team with friends and improve my skills and artistry. I started physie at Whitehorse when I was quite young and have really grown to love this sport and this club, and now I can’t imagine my life without it. Everyone at Whitehorse is the most supportive, inspiring and you’ll really become part of a loving, welcoming family (with lots of laughs included!)
Nicky (student)

Physie benefits my daughter’s physical fitness and wellbeing. It’s a full social experience and she loves expending energy by being active! The teachers are also very encouraging. Physie can be challenging to the girls and the teachers teach them how to learn sportsmanship and team camaraderie.


Kylie (mother)

Such a wonderful club. My girls gained so much confidence both in their physie dance but also in life in general from being part of this club!


Paula (mother)

I’ve been doing physie at Whitehorse for 13 years now and I could not recommend a better sport/club! the teachers are so supportive and inspiring and it is the perfect place to make life long friends and so many amazing memories. Physie is great for fitness, stamina and flexibility and I can guarantee if you come and give it a try, you will have a blast!
Jarrah (student)